Accident Injury Lawyer Discusses Wrongful Death and Personal Injury Litigation Stemming from Car Accidents

Whether on an Interstate or some seemingly sleepy suburban street, car accidents are an occasional, unfortunate fact of life.
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However, if you’ve suffered an injury or lost a loved one due to someone else’s negligence, then you likely have the right to be compensated for the injuries. To attain justice, you will have to successfully navigate a complex legal process, and that usually takes the guidance of a skilled and experienced accident injury lawyer. Our Law Office has been litigating personal injury and wrongful death lawsuits for over 20 years, and we know how badly many people need to be adequately compensated after losing a family member or getting injured in a car accident. We want to help you get the fair and equitable restitution to which you are entitled, but first, we want to inform you about the legal process, the obstacles that will likely bar your way, and the reasons why you need a skilled accident injury lawyer in your corner.

The Three Bases for Successful Personal Injury Cases

In order to stand a chance of succeeding in court, every personal injury case must be able to fulfill three criteria:
The victim incurs a mental, physical, or emotional injury.
The victim was owed some form of a legal duty by the defendant, and the defendant neglected this duty. In all interactions, some duty of providing for reasonable safety is owed by all engaging parties. When it comes to car wrecks, this usually refers to one of the drives failing to maintain his or her responsibility to drive safely.
The injuries suffered in the wreck resulted in some form of monetary loss, known as damages. Damages may include medical bills, damaged property, lost salary due to work missed, mental anguish, and pain and suffering.
A victim, or the victim’s family in the case of wrongful death, brings a lawsuit against the party to blame for the accident in order to attain compensation for the financial losses suffered. However, the burden of proof lies with the victims, also known as the plaintiffs, to establish that their case meets the three required criteria. You can’t expect the defendant to willingly offer your compensation. Instead, you are going to need to fight to get it. You will need to be able to prove the defendant caused the accident in order to secure compensation and to do so you will need an experienced accident injury attorney.caraccident attorneys

However, this article is by no means intended to serve as a replacement for an attorney who is familiar with the specific details of your case. If you would like to discuss your story with a trained professional, then call us now for a free consultation.

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