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When you suffer a personal injury and are worried about recovering, returning to work, paying your bills, and continuing to provide for your family, it is not the time to seek an attorney or law firm that dabbles in personal injury law. Personal injury cases are complicated and require an attorney or firm focusing solely on this practice area. Personal injury cases require thorough investigation, substantial documentation, the ability to work with health care professionals in ensuring that the full extent of your injuries is known, and then presenting the evidence to a judge, jury, or insurance company so that they are aware of how your injury has impacted your family and you.

We are a firm of five skilled personal injury attorneys with experienced staff. We do one thing – fight for and protect the rights of our injured clients. Because accidents don’t always happen during business hours, we offer 24-hour emergency service. Before you speak with an insurance company representative, talk to us. If you cannot get to us because of a serious injury, we’ll come to you at your home or the hospital. Our attorneys are always available to help you, from meeting immediate needs to helping with your long-term recovery. We also understand that personal injury litigation entails more than an initial consultation and a few phone calls here and there. Our clients have continually discovered that when they hire us, they can rest assured that we will take an active, personal role in their case. We will report to you regularly, advise you of your options, and work closely with you in the decision-making process so that you have the information you need to make decisions that are in your best long-term interest. Our injury attorneys represent clients throughout Texas. Our firm works with a very professional and thorough private investigator who helps fully develop our injury cases.

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