Construction Injury Attorney Discusses Trench Collapse Lawsuits

It is common knowledge that construction work is inherently dangerous, especially when workers and employers don’t proactively work together on job site safety issues. And one of the particularly dangerous types of accidents in construction is trench accident attorneys

The majority of trench collapse accidents are fatal, and if the victim happens to survive, he or she is often left with catastrophic, life-long injuries. The trench collapse attorney from our Law Office compiled this article to highlight how trench collapse wrongful death accident lawsuits operate and how our competent attorneys can assist you in pursuing justice.

While this article explains these concepts in simple terms, trench collapse accidents are quite complex and usually result in highly technical lawsuits. A non-attorney would have a very difficult task if they attempted to file this lawsuit alone. Don’t fall for this trap. Call the legal experts at our Law Office to arrange a free consultation, and we will explain specifically what options you have available and what challenges you will likely face.

How Do Trench Collapse Accidents Happen?

Most trench collapse accidents result from construction site employers not following standard safety guidelines. OHSA, the Occupational Health & Safety Administration establishes clear guidelines that govern how trench walls should be reinforced, how far apart the support structures should be spaced, and how the trench should be dug. These regulations are set forth to make trenches much safer, but building a trench safely is a time-consuming and expensive task, and many construction companies are more focused on increasing profits than protecting the lives of construction workers. Trench collapse accidents also can result from faulty equipment used in reinforcing the trench. Despite the reasons why the accident occurred, odds are it was the result of someone’s negligence, and you are entitled to fair compensation.

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