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Preservation of physical evidence is critical to the success of your claim. It’s necessary to engage a lawyer as soon as possible so that your attorney may start the examination before it’s too late. The physical evidence is beginning to fade quickly – video has been removed, witnesses forget what they saw and there are physical changes in the scene. For every day he waits to engage a lawyer, their chances are fading into oblivion. The team of professional investigators at our Law Offices start all cases of accident examination with due diligence of the site of the wreck to find physical evidence that the commercial vehicle driver’s negligence caused the accident. We find and interview witnesses, measure the distance between the street tire marks and impact points, review police files, and inspect all vehicles involved, take photographic physical evidence and catalog all the physical evidence so that it’s admissible.truck accident attorneys

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By way of example, families of two men who have suffered a horrible accident 18-wheeler engaged us. The driver was killed and the passenger was seriously hurt when the driver of a commercial vehicle attempted to turn left and got stuck, leaving the commercial vehicle on a highway curve, blocking the ability to move. However hard as it might be to believe, this type of accident happens quite frequently. Night had fallen after the wreck, and the only part of the commercial vehicle that was visible to traffic was the lights on the back of the commercial vehicle cab. The commercial vehicle was practically invisible. When our clients came around a bend in the highway, crashed into the commercial vehicle at full speed, breaking the roof of the car, killing the driver on impact and sending the passenger to the intensive care unit. The family engaged our firm the next day, and our investigators got to work on the case. more information on this site @ https://no1-lawyer.com/truck-accident-lawyers-in-odessa/

The commercial vehicle driver asserted our clients’ headlights were not on and that they were broken. When our investigators examined the remains of the car at the junkyard, they were astonished to see the lights of the vehicle missing. The headlights weren’t broken but were completely gone. Concerned about the fate of the demand of our clients, we searched the salvage yard and noticed a security camera. After requesting a copy of the video file, the video file showed someone from the commercial vehicle company stealing the headlights. When the transport carrier later asserted that our client was driving without lights, we literally had their deception caught in the headlights. They should have settled out of court because they have paid a high price. The lesson of this anecdote is the need to act fast. The security system of the junkyard was designed to erase its memory every two days. If our client in this claim had waited longer, the physical evidence would have been lost. An immediate examination is the only way to preserve physical evidence so that we may show your claim.

After the accident, an examination like that one into the junkyard is necessary for two reasons: First, with a search, you may determine who caused the accident. It’s often not clear who was responsible for causing a commercial vehicle accident. As we asserted above, many other people, including other drivers and pedestrians, might play a role in causing an accident. Second, a proper examination allows victims to collect the physical evidence necessary to show the responsibility of the accused. Juries do not want to be told how to decide the claim. They want to make their own assessments by reviewing the physical evidence that backs up your testimony and our telling of events. Physical evidence is critical for a claim.

The commercial vehicle accident attorneys at our Law Offices have over the course of two decades learned how to conduct an examination to determine who caused the wreck and they know how to get the physical evidence you need to make sure we indict all the parties liable. In fact, we made a standard procedure to visit the wreck site in almost all commercial vehicle accidents we deal with, no matter the distance. When they reached the place, looking for physical evidence that may help you win your claim. We record measurements, take pictures, talk to eyewitnesses, gather forensic investigations, collect police reports, take hold of any video surveillance, exam the vehicles and the streets, and anything else we may to help your lawsuit. We collect the physical evidence in such a manner that it’s admissible and acceptable to the court.

Most of the defense attorneys left for the scene of the accident moments after an accident took place. It’s probable that the defense attorneys involved in your lawsuit have already completed its examination, assisted by teams of lawyers, adjusters, and investigators. They started as soon as possible to strengthen their case because they know that the physical evidence has a tendency to disappear after an accident. Our commercial vehicle accident attorneys and their team make sure that all parties liable for the injuries in a commercial vehicle accident are held accountable.

It is best to begin your claim and investigation as soon as possible. Our attorneys can prepare a solid case, although we are not contacted until several weeks after an accident happens, the strongest cases are usually built when we are contacted as soon as possible after the incident. We suggest that you do not delay contacting a commercial vehicle accident attorney to help you. Click on this link@ https://caraccidentattorneysa.com/truck-accident-lawyers-in-new-braunfels/

Contact several law firms and inquire as to how many such commercial vehicle accident lawsuits they’ve handled and what their record is. Ask for the name of some client with a similar commercial vehicle accident who may give their opinion of the law firm. Interview at least two or three of them, and make sure they offer you a free initial consultation on your particular lawsuit. If they do not or if they do not offer some references, or they do not have extensive experience with commercial vehicle accidents, you most probably don’t want to engage that law firm.

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